Social Media Marketing

It is rare these days to find a customer who doesn’t use or interact with social media marketing in some way, for example at least 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and there are 800 million Instagram users. However, not everyone who runs a business has the time to keep up with social media marketing by following social media trends, keeping their posts consistent, tracking the best times to post on each social network, designing flashy images and targeting their boosted posts.

That’s where our team of social butterflies come in. We have a passion for all things social and manage multiple social media accounts for a variety of clients from the public and private sector. We track the best times of day to post on each social network to get the most engagement, make sure to use engaging imagery or create our own graphics, use trending hashtags, use appropriate language to attract our clients’ target audience, run strategic campaigns with carefully selected call-to-actions and produce detailed monthly reports so you can see the results.

We know social media marketing is more than just posting too. We also manage your pages to make sure they’re active, such as interacting with your connections, sharing relevant content, replying to customers and changing profile and cover photos when appropriate with designed images that display current offers etc.

Social Media Advertising

We know how to get the most out of social media advertising at Purple Sprout by making sure to have your goals in mind. From recommending spend amounts and creating audience targeted boosted posts, to sponsoring your page and running LinkedIn PPC campaigns and Facebook advertising, we can help you with your particular goal, whether that be more page clicks or directing people to your website.