Here at Purple Sprout, we help the search engine bots on their quest to direct your customers to your site.

Our team of experts can assess your website’s SEO by producing detailed audits, creating an action plan to increase your search engine ranking and creating fully optimised content.

We understand that terms such as ‘metadata’ and ‘bounce rate’ can seem confusing, but we can help you get to grips with your site.

Knowing the criteria that search engines trawl for when assessing SEO means we can ensure you are ticking the boxes that allow search engines to recognise your site for relevant searches, helping your business rise through the ranks, meaning more traffic to your site.

SEO Audits

Our audits assess your site for five main issues around:

  • Common Issues
  • Speed Optimisations
  • Security
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Keyword Ranking

From this assessment, we can create a priority list of actions for your site and give advice for improvements.

SEO content and reports

Where you rank on a search engine and the content you produce come hand-in-hand, to increase your SEO you need fresh, consistent, optimised content, usually a blog or news article.

Our experienced team can research, write and publish brilliant content for your site, fully optimised to help your site rise through the search engine ranks!

We can then produce monthly or bi-monthly reports to present how your SEO is doing. Of course, no one can promise to get you to the number one spot on search engines, this is not a guarantee.

However, we can promise to address any areas of SEO where your site is falling down and create a customised action plan that’s best for your site.

Fancy a web refresh? Or maybe a rebrand and sparkly new website to match? We can help there too!

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