How to target specific audiences with Facebook

If you have some news, a new product or an offer that you feel will appeal to a specific audience on Facebook, there is a way to direct that information to the right people.

Go to your company’s Facebook page and on the white bar at the top of it, select settings. Don’t go through the settings panel in the blue bar at the very top of the page, because that will alter the settings for the profile which is linked to the page.

In the settings panel, under ‘general’, find ‘audience optimisation for posts’ and click edit. Select the box and save. You will now notice a little targeting icon has appeared when you begin writing a post.


Say you have an offer to win a spa day; you might want to target women who enjoy taking short breaks, who are interested in health and beauty and who get manicures. You can use the ‘preferred audience’ option to select interests and as you enter these tags, Facebook will make further suggestions. By selecting ‘audience restrictions’ you can choose the gender, age range and location of your target audience.


Once you’ve chosen your options and written your post, click publish.


You can always click on ‘Insights’ to see more information. For example, if you select ‘posts’ you can see which ones are getting the most engagement. You may notice that posts where you have asked a question generate more engagement. You can also use Insights to see who follows your page by selecting ‘people’. This shows you the age range, gender and location of your fans.


By tailoring a few targeted posts, you can increase your organic reach on Facebook.

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