How to add a Facebook share button to blog posts and articles on your website

How to add a Facebook share button to blog posts and articles on your website

You’ve got a blog which is constantly updated with news, achievements, stories and helpful tips – great work! That’s a fantastic start to raising awareness of your brand, company and services.

Perhaps someone has seen your post on LinkedIn and clicked through to an informative blog post. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take it one step further and encourage them to share what they have learned, without having to faff about copying and pasting the link?

You can add a Facebook share button to the end of the post, which will allow people to distribute your content to their contacts with a simple click.

Pin it


We’re going to direct people to our post about Pinterest.

Go here to view a list of social plug ins for Facebook.




In this example, we’re going to use the share button. Copy and paste your blog post URL into the box labelled ‘URL to share’. You can select the button layout here too, with the option to show the click count (the number of people who have clicked to share the post). This option will come in handy if lots of people start sharing that post, because it will show others how valuable your content is.

Facebook share button

When you’re done, click ‘get code’. In this example, I selected IFrame instead of JavaScript SDK and copied the code. I’m pasting the code into the blog post on our WordPress site.

IFrame Facebook Share

Switch from ‘visual’ to ‘text’ view and then past the code where you want the button to appear.

Wordpress Share Button into blog post
When you switch back to ‘visual’ view, the button has magically appeared!

Facebook Share Button

Now, when people click the button, they will get something like this….

Facebook Share Button


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