graduate web developer job Staffordshire

Graduate web developer – Purple Sprout

Graduate web developer

Full time, £20-25k, depending on experience

Your role would involve working with our talented team to create websites and web-based systems for clients. You will need to produce digital solutions and really think outside the box, making some creative decisions independently.

You will gain valuable experience working with a variety of clients in the fast-paced world of marketing and PR. Each of our clients is very different, therefore you will need to have the ability to visualise the customer journey and create a nav structure for their specific user experience and target audience.

Essential skills:

HTML, CSS and Javascript


Strong grasp of security principles and e-commerce

Great time-management skills

Excellent communication skills


Purple Sprout Ltd is based in Trentham, Staffordshire. A driving licence is preferred, but not essential.

Please email your CV with a covering letter to