Five ways to get more followers on Twitter

Having trouble getting the word out there? Here’s five top tips to get more followers on the social media network.

  1. Make sure your bio is up to date

Tell people who you are or about your brand, but keep it short, sweet and if it’s appropriate, make sure it reflects your personality. You can use a hashtag associated with your brand. Fill in all the boxes including your location and the URL for your website so people can find you easily. Check your profile and cover photos are up to date, so if you meet people and they try to follow you on Twitter they can recognise you. To create an interesting cover photo, use Canva.

  1. Let people know you’re on Twitter

Link to your profile by adding your username to your email signature.  Use it everywhere, on your website, in newsletters, spread the word. Visit then click on Twitter buttons and pop in your username to create a follow button which can be added onto your website or at the end of blog articles. You can also use the social media icons on all of your branding, to ensure customers know they can reach you online.

  1. Find people to follow

The best way to grow your followers is to find people with the same interests and follow them. In turn, many will follow you back. You can use Followerwonk for free to type in keywords for a list of accounts to follow. You can also see the number of people who follow their accounts and the number of tweets from that account.

There’s also an app called Crowdfire, which you can use on your computer. This allows you to link a limited number of social media accounts. You can use the Twitter options to see who has unfollowed you, see who you follow but does not follow you back and check for people who follow you but have slipped through the net. You can get a list of accounts to follow by putting in the usernames of similar businesses to see who follows them. You have a daily limit of the number of people you can unfollow and follow using Crowdfire, but it is free. There is an option to upgrade.

  1. See what’s trending

If you Google search for what’s trending on Twitter UK or look in the left panel on your Twitter home screen, you will see what people are talking about. You can use these hashtags to post relevant content on the back of what is trending.

  1. Make sure you have some recent, quality content posted

People will be looking at your Tweets, so why not post some interesting photos, ask a question or host a competition, so when people view your page they are looking at something worth seeing?

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