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Corporate Branding

We can help you to create a memorable brand for your business, one that resonates with customers and clearly identifies the nature of your industry. We generate detailed personas representing different types of customers and tailor messages to that target market, rather than a scattergun approach.


A brand is the foundation upon which all communication is built, from tone of voice to the way the business interacts with clients. Digital media has ushered in a new age of transparency, so prospects and existing customers can speak directly with the people behind the brand. It is vital that businesses have a strong set of values in place so that these can be at the forefront of all communication.


Purple Sprout creates brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all media, including stationery, advertising and packaging and can help your business to carry its message to the masses. We will identify fonts, colour palettes, imagery, icons and favicons to maintain this consistency. Whether you are looking for a re-brand or creating your identity from scratch, we will design three concepts for review and work with you to get that “wow”.

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