What is Tokophobia? Let’s find out this World Mental Health Day

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I have a crippling phobia of pregnancy and childbirth. I have absolutely no intention of ever having a baby. How does that make you feel? What’s your honest reaction? Take a second to think about that. Tokophobia is a rare phobia of pregnancy and childbirth and I’ve had this mental health condition for as long as I can remember. When … Read More

How to create social media content that reflects your business’ brand

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Great social media content is a really effective way to build trust, reputation and connections with your customers – but how do you make a real impact? Brand identity is a way of describing a company’s personality – it’s the way a business presents itself to its audience. This, in turn, informs the brand image; your company logo, colour scheme, … Read More

How to market your new business

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If 2019 is the year you finally start your own business, make sure your marketing isn’t an after-thought. Even the most phenomenal service or product won’t get very far if nobody knows about it! No idea where to begin? We’ve put together some top tips to get you started. Set yourself goals Before you take out a front-page ad, ask … Read More

Seven ways to use video marketing

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video marketing

This year has seen the rise of video marketing, and now we approach the end of 2018, it’s a good time to take stock and consider how you can carry this trend into the new year. A recent report from Hubspot revealed that video has become important across all social media platforms. According to the report, a Facebook executive has … Read More

Graduate web developer – Purple Sprout

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graduate web developer job Staffordshire

Graduate web developer Full time, £20-25k, depending on experience Your role would involve working with our talented team to create websites and web-based systems for clients. You will need to produce digital solutions and really think outside the box, making some creative decisions independently. You will gain valuable experience working with a variety of clients in the fast-paced world of … Read More

Marketing tips: Targeting the right demographic

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how to target the right demographic

Given the digital age we now live in, having a distinct target market is more important than ever. As a business it is not as effective to implement a scattergun approach, whereby you target anyone and everyone. Small businesses can compete with large companies by targeting the right demographic. Look at your current customer base The best way to identify … Read More