9 ways to promote your business through LinkedIn

9 ways to market your business using LinkedIn

It’s hard to believe it, but LinkedIn has been around longer than the social media giants Facebook and Twitter, both of which tend to steal the limelight. Although LinkedIn has made some changes that now liken it to Facebook and Twitter, it is still not as popular amongst social media users. This is most likely due to the fact it is a different kind of social media, meaning different techniques are required to use it effectively.

It is general knowledge that LinkedIn is a business focused site that allows its users to essentially create an online CV and interact with people they have worked with throughout their career. Many of LinkedIn’s features allow users to interact and network on a personal level.

However, some users may not be aware that LinkedIn is an effective tool for marketing your business. Below we have put together a list of ways LinkedIn can be used to promote your business and connect with potential clients.


  1. Create a company profile

Creating a LinkedIn company profile separates your business from your personal career path, it allows you to include your business history, information about your company and how interested parties can contact you. This in no way means you should delete your personal profile, this can be just as important, providing it is consistent and up to date, linking this to your personal profile allows clients to learn more about the company on a personal level.


  1. Define your audience and goals

As with any marketing strategy defining your goal is the most important starting point. LinkedIn is commonly used to generate leads and/or raise brand awareness; with this in mind it should now become easier to define your target audience and share content you know they will be interested in.


  1. Publish engaging content

As with any other social media platform, your company should only be publishing engaging, yet relevant content. You should always have your target audience at the forefront of your mind, consider what they would be interested in, are there updates about your company they should be aware of? Most importantly remember to keep it interesting because salesy content does not perform well on LinkedIn.


  1. Use LinkedIn polls

LinkedIn polls allow you to create polls and distribute them to your network and/or a specific target audience. The polls let you view real-time results to see what people are saying, this can be hugely beneficial to your marketing strategy, as you can gain a greater insight into the needs and requirements of your clients.


  1. Answer FAQ’s

Are there questions that clients tend to ask? Potential clients may be wondering about the same things – answering these questions before they have even asked could help with their decision of whether to use your company. A helpful and informed company performs more successfully among their target audience as they are viewed as knowledgeable, raising the opinions of potential customers.


  1. Create a group

Create a company-branded group for your clients and colleagues to host discussions about your industry. This will provide your company with a perfect platform to offer their expert knowledge of the industry sector raising brand awareness.


  1. Update your status

If you come across articles or introduce new products that your network will be interested in then share it with them, remembering to include the relevant links and pictures to increase engagement rates.


  1. Advertise

Have you considered a targeted advertising campaign? LinkedIn DirectAds lets you target your ads based on location, job title, industry sector, company size, gender and age.


  1. Post job opportunities

LinkedIn is an excellent way to spread the word about a position you would like to recruit for in your company. You can even use LinkedIn’s job section to create targeted ads which can increase your chances or receiving CVs relevant to the job description.


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