5 Creative design tips

5 creative design tips for social media content

Understanding social media and how it works can be difficult – here is our 5 tips for businesses who are designing their social media content.

1. Design identity
Design plays a powerful role in the way customers perceive your brand. Colour pallet and font are two key design elements that help shape the tone of voice and identity.

Colour can be used to evoke recognition. It also has the power to influence moods, feelings attitudes and behaviour.
Font is just as important as the colour(s) chosen to represent your brand. Designs should feature no more than three fonts and it is important to establish where each font is used; be it in the heading, subtitle or body.

Top Tip: Choose two to four colours to be incorporated into your visual design, and always choose a font that enhances your brand and the message you wish to portray through your social media content.

2. Design for your platform
Today’s main social media platforms consist of; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram – all of which vary in look, feel and function, making it necessary to tailor your designs. Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, it will deliver distorted and blurry images that will not represent your brand to the highest standard, so make sure you research the required sizes for each platform.

Top Tip: Create a cover photo and profile picture for your social media accounts – Facebook and Twitter – and save them in the correct dimensions for each platform (Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat do not require cover photos).

3. Speak the language of the platform
Each platform processes content in a different way. Where and how your design will be viewed is a critical factor in determining how to present and position your design. Instagram users value highly visual and creative content, whereas Twitter’s 280-character limit has created an environment that calls for attention-grabbing visuals.

Top Tip: Decide which platforms you will be posting your social media content onto before you start to create them to save time.

4. Instil value in your design
A great design can generate enthusiasm and deliver a huge impact. Whether it is engaging positivity to spread an uplifting message or offering practical value, asses whether your design is delivering the maximum value to your audience.

Top Tip: Know your audience, their likes and dislikes – tailor your designs to appeal to them.

5. Keep your design fresh
Being aware of emerging trends can help to keep your brand one step ahead, which can be done across many platforms. Be aware of hashtags that are trending on Twitter, popular topics emerging on Instagram and most importantly, find out the latest trends on Pinterest.

Top Tip: Be aware of your audience and follow trends that appeal to them.

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