We’re Purple Sprout and we’re not your average marketing agency. Sure, there are plenty of other integrated marketing agencies out there offering the same sort of services – but we have the creative edge that will make your campaign stand out. Put it this way; if we were a bird, we’d be a peacock; if we were a cat, we’d be a tiger and if we were a horse we’d be a zebra. You get the idea.

We can strategise your social, add whimsy to your website, put creativity in your copy and beautify your branding. No matter what stage your project or business is at, our creative team provide oodles of ideas and work with you every step of the way. We don’t expect you to be a marketing expert, graphic designer or SEO wizard, that’s our job. Instead we explain things in plain English, pull no punches and show our progress with clear reports.

So, where do you want to start?

Marketing and PR

Don’t DIY your marketing, let us help. From strategies to copywriting, our in-house industry experts can help to deliver your message to the masses.


Want an all-singing-all-dancing website building? Or maybe just a refresh? We can design and create eye-catching, optimised websites that keep your
customers clicking.

Design and Print

Whether it’s a logo or a brochure, we can help make your business stand out from the crowd with our creative flare and eye for your audience.

Social Media

Know your likes from your retweets? Find out more about how our team of social butterflies can make your online presence grow.

Event Management 

Wondering where to start with your corporate event? Ditch the party hats, we’re one step ahead, with venues, displays and expert advice.


We know SEO sounds like another language but consider us your translator. From SEO audits to optimised content, we help the search engine bots find you.

Our latest tips and tricks

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